June 11 Catches of the Day!

At Big Hawgs magazine we like to see the best catches around. Which is why we have our daily selection of the Catches of the Day! These images are user submitted from all over the world! If you’d like to have your catch featured in the Catches of the Day, all you have to do is upload your catch to our site. BUT don’t bring any weak sauce, we want to see the BIG HAWGS!!!!

from: Billy Straughen: “55lbs striper out of old seabrook ct. “

from: Richard Latham: “44 lbs. Buffalo bowfishing Paris.Tx.”

from: Adam Gregory: “Private pond in NC. $1 spinnerbait from Walmart! 7 pounder.”

from: Tyler Hayes: “Caught this slob on Oneida lake in upstate NY”

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